I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jon Denbok and his team from The Dock Depot for over 5 years now. In our first meeting with Jon I was very impressed with how he took the time to listen to our needs and help us determine the dock system that best suited our needs. He was more concerned about providing us with the right dock system as opposed to selling us the most expensive one. He suggested starting off with a dock that met our immediate requirements but also allowed us to build on to it as our needs grew.  We took his advice and couldn’t be happier with the end result. Not only did we purchase our original system from Jon but we have also added two more extensions since then and we also use his team to install and take down our dock at the start and end of every season. It’s great to know that we have someone that we can rely on each and every year. The Dock Depot team are a group of reliable professionals that take great pride in the quality of their docks and the service they provide. I couldn’t imagine using anyone else! Thanks Jon, you guys are awesome.